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New,good stories… what do they take and where do they start from?



The source of a great story has always been, for me at least, an interesting aspect. How did Tolkien get the inspiration to create an entire world, with its own mythology and history? How did Asimov get the inspiration to write his sci-fi novels?

Though it’s not hard to tell what exactly it would take to express ideas into a likeable, coherent manner, not the same can be said about the source of the ideas.  As I’ve said in a previous post, it’s all about a good story, told well. I don’t think Lord of the Rings would have gathered as many fans as it did, should it have been written in another style. Tolkien had a great way of describing situations, whilst Clancy ( Rainbw Six) is more technical-oriented. Tolkien wrote pure fantasy, whilst Clancy writes a more realistic, military type of novel.

When writing a story for a TV show, the approach is a bit different.  The scripts are similar to theater plays’ scripts. The writer gets to indicate the environment in which the story is taking place, some of the emotions the actor needs to act… I am not trying to say it’s easier to write a novel or a TV script, as they both have their particularities.  I am sure, however, that they are all based on a little experience the author had or thought about. An idea, a thought which triggered the story. Although we don’t all get inspired by the same things, almost anybody can write a story. And, with a little bit of practice, we can all write the next Dune.


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